Positive Engineering Solutions

Atinak was established in June 1994 with the title Atinak Engineering. The company then underwent a statutory change and became ATİNAK ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY and TRADE INC. in October 1995. Since then Atinak is known for its quality and consistency, which have never faltered. Atinak’s mission is very well reflected in its company policy that can be summarized as:

“To exceed the quality level of the services provided by the conventional actors of the construction sector by all means and to provide unique approaches and best solutions for the benefit of the clients at both design and implementation stages.”

Atinak has been providing services by working systematically and by using state of the art engineering methods, technologies and management systems. Our aim is to develop continuously and to be one step ahead in designing and construction in our field of work.Since the beginning, our company has always targeted to render the best services to our clients, who have enjoyed the results of our modern engineering methods and our enthusiasm.

Infrastructural Construction

Water supply and waste water pipelines and establishments in rural and urban area.
The construction of operational and maintenance facilities like pump stations, pressure tanks, valve chambers, GIS services, automation systems like SCADA, etc.
The implementation of the mechanical sub-components (collectors, valves, air-relief valves, check valves, pressure meters and any other apparatus etc.)
High, medium and low voltage energy lines and sub-components.

Underwater Construction

Implementation of underwater pipeline systems,
Sea or lake outfall and/or intake pipelines.

Superstructure Construction

Sub-components of infrastructure projects (stations, control buildings, tanks etc.)
Residential mechanical engineering solutions and their implementation (potable water, waste water, HVAC).